Decorating your house is indeed a hectic thing to do. If you are planning to renovate or you are shifting to a new house, you need furniture and decorative items to make your house look like a house. In Dubai, people love opulent furniture and decoration, so there are many stores and shops to buy furniture in Dubai. People living in luxury villas like District One Villas Dubai, Dubai Creek villas, and the Gulf villas usually prefer brand new furniture. If you are just shifting to Dubai, and you want to buy some affordable furniture then buying second-hand furniture can save your money. You can save your Thousands of Dirhams yet fill your living space with good quality furniture.

Here are some tips that will help you in buying second-hand furniture in Dubai:


Planning things before doing anything makes your work easier. So you should make a list of items that can be tolerated as a second hand, and the ones that can’t be tolerated like sofas, dining table, chairs, and working tables are fine, but some items come with hygienic issues so you must be aware of that.

There is plenty of material in the supermarkets to sanitize and clean your items. Several companies can come to your home and clear your house A to Z with even an industrial-strength vacuum.

It depends on the personal preferences but you can even buy a second-hand bed, if you can tolerate the second-hand bed, and can sleep peacefully then there is no problem buying it at all.


You can spend a whole day while roaming around the market and looking at all sorts of high-end, normal, and budget furniture. Then you can easily decide how much you are going to spend on purchasing specific furniture. If you have time to explore more, then it is really good for you, as the more informed you are, the more bargaining you can do with the shopkeeper.

There are different opportunities for you to visit and make notes in Dubai like the IKEA festival, Pottery Barn, Bloomingdales, Flamant, and Laura Ashley, and the good news is these all are present under one roof of The Dubai Mall.


Many websites are offering used furniture like one of the leading websites of the Middle East. has a lot of furniture for sale. They are filtered according to size, price, and many others by which you can narrow down the result and easily find the best item that fits your room and your choice.

You will get detailed information about the furniture, including the pictures and the contact of the owner, also an indication of the location. You can save a lot of money by purchasing used furniture, but also it requires your energy.

While dealing with the owner on the phone, you can ask about the price, whether it is fixed or negotiable. It is the best way to proceed with the deal.


Dubizzle took over the market of this second-hand furniture, but before Dubizzle, there were also multiple options to buy used products. These options are still available and have a reasonable market, but it is comparatively lower now.

People used to give ads on the newspapers and put their notice boards of “For Sale” at the entrance or exit of the supermarkets.

Garage sales are famous in the middle east, and people used to buy used furniture from the Garage. Dubizzle has taken over the Garage sales too, and now you can easily search “garage sale” on Dubizzle and prior results will be shown.


There are plenty of companies providing these services, but these prices can vary from company to company. You should keep one thing in your mind that “you get what you paid”, so if you want highly skilled workers, then you should pay more.

When you shift to a new city, you have to take care of a lot of things, like your living, furniture, and many other aspects. People who live in areas like Port De La Mer Dubai and Emirates hills mostly love the luxury and buy brand new furniture, but there is a huge population in Dubai, who don’t want to buy expensive furniture and luxury decoration, so they can explore some used furniture for their homes.